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Four Best Metal Cutters for Your Work

Four Best Metal Cutters for Your Work

For those who work in industrial field or simply want to do some DIY stuffs using metal cutters, you have to understand about several type of metal cutters. You can either choose the conventional cutter from fueled with oxy or the more sophisticated model, including laser and plasma cutter. This article will give some information regarding the best judi online metal cutters you can choose.

The following list will give brief explanation about several recommended metal cutters for your daily use.

• Fiber Laser Cutters: this cutter model suits laser applications for welding and classical use of laser cutting. It is also suitable for novel applications, including remote cutting. To achieve higher absorption in various materials, this model emits wavelength within 1 µm range.

Most of common laser applications in solid state can be done by using this fiber laser model. There are two mode of this model, the first is single mode one and the second is multi-mode one. There is also the more compact version of this model to enhance its integration.

• CO2 Laser Cutters: this model, especially LH2125 and LH2100 released by Hypertherm Westgate are some of the best metal cutters you can have. These cutters has a ‘Fastlaser’ feature that is able to improve the cut quality range, cut speeds, and plate capacity. They are also able to deliver ideal gas flow to the cut area directly and match the geometry of gas flow and beam width consistently.

CO2 Laser Cutters

To increases the productivity by reducing waste and operating costs, and increasing output, the heads are crafted to improve the cutting speeds on mild and thick steel by at least 10 to 20%.

• Conventional Laser Cutters: this standard model provides higher precision and is very reliable, especially for repeated cutting jobs. With this model, you are able to cut one piece today in certain dimensions and precision, and then do the same task a year later without losing any of its precision.

This model can be a great choice for those who are looking for a cheaper metal cutter with great cutting taruhan bola quality. If you are high in budget, you can choose the other type of laser cutters as mentioned on the previous list.

• Plasma Cutters: this model is very reliable and accurate, but not as accurate as laser cutter. It is able to cut something as long as it is able to be measured by using tape measures. Plasma cutters are mostly recommended for professional welder and trades person. The selling points of this cutter model is the portable and small design.

It can be used for maintenance and engineering, and sheet metal fabrication. It is also cheaper than laser cutter, thus it becomes a better choice for those who are low in budget. This model offer advanced algorithms of motion control, fast feeds, and high acceleration.

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Those are brief description of each model of the best metal cutters you can find on the market. It is important to understand the purpose of your cutting to make sure you choose the most suitable cutting machine that worth its price.


Types of Wood Cutting Machines

Types of Wood Cutting Machines

A lot of people, especially those who are experienced in wood crafting, understand the importance of great wood cutting machines in getting their works done. However, some people may find it troublesome to choose the correct saws for their job. There are a lot of types of saws available on the market, and in this article, we will describe some of the most common ones to have.

The list below will explain about several wood cutting machines you may need to start your woodworking.
• Table saws: this tool is better-known as a saw bench. It has a main blade that extends from a surface of the table. You can use it by passing the agen bola wood along the surface and put it into a contact with the main blade.

There are several different style of this tool, such as contractor saws, job site saws, and cabinet saws. These style usually use a circular blade and you can find this tool everywhere around woodworking shop. The price ranges from 100 to 300 dollars for the most affordable ones.

• Scroll Saws: this type of electrical saw commonly used by people who cut woods for intricate shapes as their hobby. Scroll saw is similar with band saw in nature. However, it is easier to operate, more adaptable, and gives a better touch in finishing. This tool is especially great for complex interior cutting.

A lot of woodworkers also use scroll saws to finish their more intricate and finer work. The price is more diverse, around 90 to 600 dollars, with 140 dollars on average. This tool is certainly suitable for those who need intricate and delicate cut outs.

Waratah Wood Cutting Machine

• Hand Saws: for most woodworkers, hand saws are pretty much familiar at some point. This type of saw use similar motion without using too much effort to create the cuts. It is similar to reciprocating saw in nature. It is light in weight, easy to use, and very convenient especially for straight cutting.

It is also not limited to wood cutting, but also plastics and metals, by replacing the blade. The cut resulted from this tool may be slightly crude, but it can be done very quickly, which is suitable if you are working with rougher pieces.

• Circular saws: originally invented in 1780, this judi bola tool can be considered as one among the most famous saws used by woodworkers. Circular saws are often referred as chop saws, and use rotary blades. The main functions of this tool are wither for cross cutting or ripping wood.

The power sources are either from batteries or electrical power. It is commonly available in hand held mode, but there are some which are mounted on benches. You can cut various materials by replacing the blades. The price ranges from 45 to 200 dollars.

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The paragraph above already explain about some of the wood cutting machines recommended for any newbie woodworkers. Make sure to understand what kind of pieces you are willing to create so you will not choose the wrong tools to buy.


Welcome to F.H. Speight

F.H. Speight was founded in 1946 by the grandfather of the present partners to undertake general engineering.


The business started mainly servicing the woodworking industry, and expanded to servicing the textile industry, which was very prevalent in the Calder Valley at that time. In recent years the business has taken on a number of machinery service contracts, for public transport operators, servicing both metal and woodworking machinery.

Over the years the business has gained a reputation for quick, reliable and quality workmanship, and products, and in recent years has started to develop in-house design and manufacture of specialised machinery.


To this end we have recently introduced CNC turning to our range of products and are able to handle work in a number of materials up to 200mm dia. x one metre between centres. We also have milling, drilling and slotting capabilities. We have no limits on numbers, being particularly well equipped to deal with ” one – off ” work. We also undertake repair or manufacture of obsolete or broken parts, in fact we will look at any type of repair on any machine.

The company operates a quality management system which has gained BS EN ISO 9001: 1994 Certification, which includes aspects specific to the mechanical engineering industry. The Company constantly monitors its quality performance and will implement improvements when appropriate.