For those who work in industrial field or simply want to do some DIY stuffs using metal cutters, you have to understand about several type of metal cutters. You can either choose the conventional cutter from fueled with oxy or the more sophisticated model, including laser and plasma cutter. This article will give some information regarding the best judi online metal cutters you can choose.

The following list will give brief explanation about several recommended metal cutters for your daily use.

• Fiber Laser Cutters: this cutter model suits laser applications for welding and classical use of laser cutting. It is also suitable for novel applications, including remote cutting. To achieve higher absorption in various materials, this model emits wavelength within 1 µm range.

Most of common laser applications in solid state can be done by using this fiber laser model. There are two mode of this model, the first is single mode one and the second is multi-mode one. There is also the more compact version of this model to enhance its integration.

• CO2 Laser Cutters: this model, especially LH2125 and LH2100 released by Hypertherm Westgate are some of the best metal cutters you can have. These cutters has a ‘Fastlaser’ feature that is able to improve the cut quality range, cut speeds, and plate capacity. They are also able to deliver ideal gas flow to the cut area directly and match the geometry of gas flow and beam width consistently.

CO2 Laser Cutters

To increases the productivity by reducing waste and operating costs, and increasing output, the heads are crafted to improve the cutting speeds on mild and thick steel by at least 10 to 20%.

• Conventional Laser Cutters: this standard model provides higher precision and is very reliable, especially for repeated cutting jobs. With this model, you are able to cut one piece today in certain dimensions and precision, and then do the same task a year later without losing any of its precision.

This model can be a great choice for those who are looking for a cheaper metal cutter with great cutting taruhan bola quality. If you are high in budget, you can choose the other type of laser cutters as mentioned on the previous list.

• Plasma Cutters: this model is very reliable and accurate, but not as accurate as laser cutter. It is able to cut something as long as it is able to be measured by using tape measures. Plasma cutters are mostly recommended for professional welder and trades person. The selling points of this cutter model is the portable and small design.

It can be used for maintenance and engineering, and sheet metal fabrication. It is also cheaper than laser cutter, thus it becomes a better choice for those who are low in budget. This model offer advanced algorithms of motion control, fast feeds, and high acceleration.

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Those are brief description of each model of the best metal cutters you can find on the market. It is important to understand the purpose of your cutting to make sure you choose the most suitable cutting machine that worth its price.