Laser cutter can be considered as one of the most wanted tools by Makerspaces. This machines has high precision cutting and can create both beautiful and functional items. It has great versatility that enables its user to produce their designs quickly. You can find this machine on any local craft stores. In these stores, you can also find a lot of laser-cut items, including laser-cut fixtures, holiday ornaments, window curtains, etc. The highlights of laser engraver is its versatility. It is able to cut various types of materials with top notch precision. Vinyl and craft cutters are not able to penetrate thick and hard materials. But a laser is able to slice it with ease. It is also able to cut in details, which means it can handle complicated cutting with ease.

Wood Laser Cut

Creating structures using laser-cut segments is currently a common practice. However, purchasing a laser cutter for the first time can be quite a headache, especially for those who are tight in budget. Thus, you can read the short guides on the list below:

  • Chinese imported machines: imported machines are suitable for those with limited budget. You can find a laser engraver on eBay with only 400 dollars in price. However, for decent cutter quality, you may need to spend at least 1000 dollars. It mostly depends on the software upgrades and mods you are required to make. Some of the bundled software is note user friendly, but you can work it out by learning, especially if you are really tight in budget.
  • Full Spectrum machines: these machines are originally imported from Chinese too. However, it is tuned up and rebranded for American market. With the upgrade on the software compared to the original imported version, these machines cost approximately 3,499 dollars.
  • Epilog machines: these machines can be considered a gold standard for a laser engraver. It is both user-friendly and high quality. It has particular air-cooled technology to reduce the potential hazards and hassles. It also has print driver to make sure you can send the design to the cutter quickly. The price is quite expensive, starting around 8,000 dollars.

Those are some of the guides to choose the most suitable laser cutter based on your budget. Make sure to make the right calculation on your budget and needs, and do some research before purchasing so you can get the right machine without feeling any regret and disappointment.